Inspired by a love of history and its amazing accounts of human endeavor, model making at Dynamic Dioramas strives to form, in high-detail miniature, dramatic representations of the people, places, and things that have shaped our culture.

Captured in vivid 3-D and seemingly frozen in time, Joseph Neumeyer's Dynamic Dioramas are dedicated to producing the awesome effect of "being there". From ancient times to the distant future, if it can be imagined, it can be recreated in realistic miniature by Dynamic Dioramas.

Key to all of Joseph Neumeyer's Dynamic Dioramas is his commitment to visual storytelling. Drawing upon a wealth of themepark experience, with firms such as Walt Disney Productions and Universal Studios, Joseph applies his extensive show design and concept development background to compose the dramatic staging of every element of his dioramas.

Mr. Neumeyer's more recent special effects miniature work, on movies such as Titanic, Starship Troopers, Godzilla and theme attractions such as Star Trek The Adventure in Las Vegas, has helped expand his strong visual storytelling abilities with high detail, model-making skills. As a combined result of this blending of artistic craftsmanship, each of his dioramas is infused with a unique, awe-inspiring sense of realism that has become the hallmark of Dynamic Dioramas.

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"A Foothold in France"

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Normandy June 1944

Scale: 1:30

"Seasons's Greetings
From The Third Reich"
The Battle of the Bulge

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Belgium 1944-1945

1:30 Scale

"The Last Mission"

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Bassingbourn, England
May 19, 1943

1:32 Scale

"Voyage of the Ark"

1:165 Scale

To Go A Viking

Scale 1:32

The Changing of the Guard
Abrams M1A1 & Bradley M2A2

Al Faw Palace HQ., Iraq 2003

Scale 1:35

Iowa Class
Rearmed - Recommissioned - Returned to Duty

USS New Jersey BB-62

Scale 1:192

Austrian Alps - 1945

Scale 1:35

Missing in Action

Papua New Guinea

Scale 1:32

Winter of Discontent

Battle of the Bulge 1944

Scale 1:16

"The Workhorse"
BR-52 German Heavy Freight Locomotive

Russia, 1943

1:35 Scale

S-100 Schnellboote, 9th Flotilla

Cherbourg, 1944

Scale 1:32

English Channel 1944

Scale 1:72

The SAS & LRDG in North Africa


Scale 1:35

Anzio Annie

AKA - Leopold

Europe 1943

Scale 1:35

Aces "N" Eights

Southwest Pacific 1943

Scale 1:32

Against the Wall

France 1944

Scale 1:35

Cambodia 1968

Scale 1:35


France 1944

Scale 1:16

Rendezvous with a Gray Wolf

The North Sea 1943

Scale 1:35

Napoleon's Egypt


Scale 1:32


Scale 1:32


Arizona 1881

Scale 1:32


The Southwest 1880's

Scale 1:32

Little Big Horn

Montana 1876

Scale 1:32

USS Halford DD480

Southwest Pacific 1945

Scale 1:96

Tribute to Rome

AD 125

Scale 1:32