"Imagination is greater than knowledge." Albert Einstein

Joseph Neumeyer's Dynamic Dioramas specializes in creative theme park concept presentation and miniature diorama design. Mr. Neumeyer brings a rare combination of professional show and script development expertise, complemented with feature film miniature special effects experience, to his creative projects.

Key to all of Mr. Neumeyer’s work is his commitment to visual storytelling. Drawing upon a wealth of professional background with firms such as Walt Disney Productions and Universal Studios, Joseph applies his extensive show design and concept development skills to compose every element of his highly detailed creations.

It is Mr. Neumeyer's strong commitment to the practical use of both creative imagination and cutting-edge innovation which contribute to the awe-inspiring sense of "being there" unique to his artistic accomplishments.

With this firm commitment to storytelling and realism combined with extensive professional experience, Joseph Neumeyer's Dynamic Dioramas is in an excellent position to continue exceeding the high standards and discriminating tastes of those who desire only the very best of creative thematic design.

Contact Dynamic Dioramas at dynamicdioramas@aol.com